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As much as we would all love some things to stay forever, it's also ok for things to change

You might have noticed I have been a little quiet on socials lately, well I can finally let you know that it is all positive but time has come for me to hand over my beautiful brand that I passionately created to someone else who can give it a lot more love and attention than I ever could.

I have learnt so much along this journey, gaining a new appreciation for all the work that goes into a small business that no one necessarily recognises. It’s a selfless endeavour that requires many long hours behind the scenes to get it to all work. I’ve met a lot of other wonderful and incredibly hard working small businesses owners who’ve shared their struggles and successes with me along the way.

It’s meant so much that I could experience first hand what it’s like to have a small product based business after many years in a service based industry. It allowed me to take a break from the hustle and bustle of client deadlines and experiment with something new and exciting!

From learning about ingredients and creating my own formulas, studying the in and outs of skincare and teaching myself that it was okay to slow down and take time out for myself without have to be apologetic about it, I started something wonderful and I know that the team who will be taking on the brand are going to give it all the love it deserves and will continue what I feel is something magical. 

Where to next for me? Well I have now picked up a once in a life time opportunity to combine my love for design, product photography, website design and assisting other small product based brands in elevating their own business alongside an amazing team of like minded professionals. I could not be happier in my new role and I’m so excited to see where Green and Bare goes from here in the capable hands of its new owners!

Thankyou to each of you for coming along on this journey with me, supporting me and making it all worth the effort. And stay tuned, I know there are some awesome things that Nicole, Kate & Andrew will be bringing you. 

xx Janelle