All you’ll find here are raw, highly concentrated ingredients ~ no watered down stuff

So…what’s this Green + Bare thing all about?

Well, it’s kinda our credo: green ingredients and the bare minimum we can get away with.

Bare minimum – are you trying to sell me, like, water in a fancy bottle?

Nope, never. Just intentionally created, targeted products with minimal ingredients that don’t skimp on the good stuff. That means we’ve stripped away all the fillers and unnecessary crap, like artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, and petrolatum. All you’ll find here are raw, highly concentrated ingredients – not just watered down stuff in super small percentages.

But there’s – what – millions of skincare brands out there. What makes Green + Bare special?

I know, right? Here’s the thing: I did a TON of research on all the other products and noticed something kinda odd – they all use pretty much the same ingredients. And they all seem to contain water AND oil. Which basically means all those lotions and creams need extra ingredients, like fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and preservatives, to create that creamy factor but that do nothing for your skin. I was shocked when I saw how many preservatives, fillers, and binders I’d been slathering on my skin everyday. I mean, go ahead and take a peek at the labels on your favorite products – how many ingredients are in there? Probably hundreds, right?


Green + Bare is different because we don’t want you to slap unnecessary additives on your skin.

Green + Bare is different because we don’t want you to slap unnecessary additives on your skin. We’d really rather you mix up your products when you need them so you can avoid all those nasties piling up on your face day in and day out.

Ew. That *is* gross. 

I know, I know. That’s why I wanted to do something totally different. Using myself as a test bunny, I discovered a handful of superstar ingredients I wanted to formulate my products around – that didn’t need all the extra fluff.

Natural Ingredients

We use pure, powerful ingredients with very specific purposes.

There are no extras that do absolutely nothing for your skin. No fake scents or random combos of chemicals thrown together just because they “smell good” – all our good smells come from the ingredients themselves.

Here, it’s only natural ingredients you can see *and* feel working. You know, that tingly ahhh feeling. And everything’s mix and match so you can DIY and customize the products for your skin’s needs – without a 17-step routine or 56 different products cluttering up your bathroom counter.

Cruelty-free + vegan-friendly

You mentioned bunnies…you don’t put masks on our furry friends, do ya?

Not a chance! The only test bunnies around here are on our willing friends and family. Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know that the bristles on our brushes are synthetic for a flawlessly fur-free face (like, why are we still using animal parts to apply animal-free products to our face anyway?). 

Whew. You said it. Oh, and we’re committed to sustainability. We use reusable and low-waste packaging, and all our ingredients are 100% pure plant-based, botanical ingredients direct from Australian suppliers.

Australian Made

Yep, coming to you from Western Australia. G’day, mate!

We get a lot of inspiration from the great outdoors, exploring nature, beaches, 4WDing, camping, and road-tripping!

Makes sense that you’re all about natural skincare then. 

Totally. And there’s something really awesome about creating small-batch, green skincare that’s a treat that doesn’t make you feel guilty, like a Netflix binge or another square of chocolate.

I so need that. Where do I start?

Ready to get your hands dirty and your face clean?

My personal go-to is the Purple Clay Mask!
It’ll make your skin tingle, feel super clean, and look rosy and glowy.


We sell masks but we’re not into hiding behind them!

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