all you’ll find here are raw, highly concentrated ingredients – no watered down stuff

Why Stock Green + Bare in Your Retail Store?

our brand values

natural ingredients

We’ve stripped away all the fillers and unnecessary crap, like artificial colours, fragrances, silicones, parabens, and sulfates. All you’ll find here are raw, natural ingredients.


Our search for including the most effective natural ingredients has brought us to the range we currently offer. Mix and match our products to suit your unique skin’s needs.

cruelty free

Wondering if we put our masks on our furry friends? Not a chance! The only test bunnies around here are willing friends and family.

australian made

Designed and packaged right here in Western Australia, we’re proud to say that all our ingredients are 100% pure, plant-based, and direct from our Australian suppliers.

no petroleum

no sulphates

no gmos

no artificial fragrances

no synthetic preservatives

no mineral oil

no parabens

no artificial colours

no turpentine

no animal testing

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