Our Story

We are two people with a sometimes-uncouth sense of humour. We struggle, we laugh, we post-rationalise and we dream big.

We are here to curate simple solutions for life’s messy and beautiful moments.

From faces to flaps, beards to balls, fur to fun and home or holiday, we are making products plainly and simply.

“Once you realise that there is comfort in simplicity despite the noise going on around us, it’s hard to look back. We all know the term ‘switching off’ but the reality is for most, it’s too hard. I have chosen to simplify other parts of my life such as all my consumables. Skincare is one of those, my skin is a lot happier, my daily routine is on autopilot and I never have unused products in the cupboard”

“After decades manufacturing products in Asia and working around the world it was time for a reset, I have a deep understanding of where the products I use come from and how they are made which not everyone does. Simplicity and transparency are my mantra which is increasingly difficult in today's disposable economy”



We speak straight from the heart.

No sneakiness, trickery or quite frankly bullshit.


There’s no more simple way to say, that less is more! Less fuss means less complexity.


We are based in Melbourne, Australia and all of our products are made here and always will be (Melbourne really is the best city by the way).