We believe that consuming less can still mean experiencing more, and as a business who produces goods, it is incumbent on us to do our part.


We only use natural and naturally derived ingredients sourced through sustainable sources.

All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free which means that our not only are our products never tested on animals, our ingredients have not been tested on animals either.


Just because a brand says they are eco, doesn’t necessary mean they are. Take a look at how customised a brands packaging is, how many pieces of packaging make up that one product and how frequently they launch new glittery things. We aren’t here to fool anyone, no brand is perfect – but every time a piece of customised packaging is produced that means higher MOQ, a change in a manufacturers normal production and increased resource consumption for uniqueness and exclusiveness.

We purchase our packaging from Australian suppliers where possible to reduce the carbon footprint of importing goods

We source componentry off the shelf with low order quantities so we have a small inventory footprint at all times with negligible packaging waste.

We use packaging that is made using recycled and/or recyclable materials.

Where possible we use packaging that can be repurposed and reused.


Save up your empties and return them to us so we can recycle on your behalf through the Terracycle Zero Waste program.

Email us to initiate a recycling return free of charge.

Learn more about Terracycle here


Make tiny tweaks to the way you consume products.

Reuse our mask jars for storing things like ear buds, bobby pins, hair ties, buttons etc. You could even plant a tiny succulent for your desk.

Reuse our floral water bottles by filling with water to use on your plants, or add some lemon and make a surface cleansing spray.

Avoid heavily discounted sales where you might buy things you don't need.

Skip the free item sales, do you really need that extra cheap makeup bag?

Ask your friends if they need any of the things you aren't using, or give them away through a local facebook group.

Do your research on any new brand, make sure they aren't just telling you a bit of fluff to make you think they are more sustainable than they are.

A disposable economy is the least sustainable way to consume, you don't need to be all 'eco' to help reduce your impact. Just make more mindful decisions about the things you are buying.